The real victims are the family members left behind, mainly the invisible silent victims which are the children who lost a parent or both parents to murder.

Financial Donations

Financial assistance can significantly alleviate the burden of purchasing essential necessities that a family may require, making a profound impact on their well-being.

Professional Counseling

In recognition of the significant psychological impact on children and their parents due to the loss of a parent, we have partnered with professional counselors to provide invaluable support.

Sending Prayers

In our unwavering belief in the power of prayer, we have formed partnerships with respected Bishops, Pastors, and Christian role models to uplift and send prayers to families facing negative impacts.

We also offer temporary housing or shelter to single fathers and mothers with kids because no one should have to sleep out in the cold because of financial stability or domestic violence.

F.O.A.M Bahamas

Our Mission and Vision

The Mission of FOAM COMMUNITY CENTER is to provide
essential support, services, advocacy and programs at
the community and national level that foster the
engagement of young people, families and key actors
towards reducing crime and criminality and improving the
quality of life in The Bahamas.

Our Vision is to make life easier for those who are in need and hurting
amongst us!

F.O.A.M Bahamas

Our Leadership

F.O.A.M was led by the leadership of Ms. Khandi Gibson. Khandi Gibson established this support non-profit organization “Families of All Murder Victims” (F.O.A.M.)after the murder of her two brothers eight (8) months apart. Anthro Knowles (aka Beano) was murdered August 5, 2011 (murder # 86) and on April 17, 2012 Khanaochi Gold Knowles met a similar violent end making him the 39th Victim of that year.

Help us by donating to those kids in need and lets build a promising future!

Your kind donation from your will assist a family with foods, housing, counseling, utility bills, school supplies, and gifts.
F.O.A.M Bahamas

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The Prime Minister, The Right Hon. Phillip Brave Davis gave proclamations that the month of January on the 23rd day would be recognize as Family Of All Murder Victims day.

FOAM Community Centre &
AGAPE Emergency Female Shelter

Address: #68 Alexandria Blvd. Nassau, Bahamas


Phone: 242-603-4141/242-424-8953


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