About Us


Khandi Gibson established this support non-profit organization “Families of All Murder Victims” (F.O.A.M.) after the murder of her two brothers eight (8) months apart. Anthro Knowles (aka Beano) was murdered August 5, 2011 (murder # 86) and on April 17, 2012
Khanaochi Gold Knowles met a similar violent end making him the 39th Victim of that year. In grieving, Khandi was faced with a wide range of emotions. Although she was grieving, all she thought about was how murder effects kids, especially when the
family’s soul bread winner was no longer there to provide. NO CHILD SHOULD EVER GO IN LACK because of the murder of a mother or father. As a result, on June 1, 2012, FOAM was established.


Grocery and School Assistances

We provide grocery, and school supplies assistance for family in need.

Special Gifts

We provide gifts for special occasions such as Christmas, birthday, report cards and more.

We Provide Comfort

We provide comfort with prayers, partnering with counselors, pastors and community leader

Its about creating a positive impact in our communities!



i. Provide social assistance at the community level for victims
of crime, murder and domestic violence.
ii. Increase employability among marginalized/at-risk and
vulnerable persons.
iii. Reduce crime and violent activity in grass root and urban
iv. Improve self-esteem, self-worth and self-value among
key vulnerable populations.
v. Encourage respect and care for the environment,
neighbors and the less fortunate.
vi. Inspire a sense of community, social advocacy and
vii. Provide programmes and projects which improve the
quality of life for vulnerable groups (children, youth single
parents and families of victims of murder and violent crimes).


FOAM is pleased to provide support to single fathers and
mothers with kids because no one should have to sleep out
in the cold because of financial inadequacy or a tragedy
Other Programmes of FOAM include:
i. 24 Hour Hotline for peer counseling and support.
ii. 24 Hour Prayer Services
iii. Free On-call counseling and support on the scene of
Murder and Funeral Support.
iv. Grocery and Clothing Assistance through our food and
clothing bank
v. Back to school stationary and supplies assistance.
vi. Christmas and Birthday gifts and recognition for the
children of Murder Victims.
vii. One on One and Group Greif Counseling Sessions
viii. Support for Job Placement, resume and cover letter
writing, and clothing/preparation for interviews.
ix. School Support Programme for the children of Murder
Victims in New Providence and Grand Bahama.

Operations Leader

Ms. Khandi Gibson